Frequently Asked Questions

"To recruit, develop, train, and commission premier Air Force officers through our tradition of excellence"

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please contact us at 505-277-4502 for the most up to date information on available scholarships and elligiblity requirements.

What is life in Air Force ROTC like?

Air Force ROTC consists of attending various Aerospace courses and laboratories. A typical day is slightly different than that of a regular college student. For most freshman in the program, the day will start with regular college courses, a one hour course for Aerospace studies, and followed by Leadership Lab later in the day. If you are currently a senior in high school or a student at UNM, give us a call to arrange an opportunity to shadow a cadet through their day.

What if I don't get a scholarship?

Great News! You don't need to be on scholarship to participate in our program. Most cadets don't have a scholarship and use the New Mexico Lottery scholarship and other funds to pay for their tuition and related costs. You can still earn a commission without obtaining an AFROTC scholarship.

Will I be shipped off to basic, or to war if I join the program

The answer to this question is no. Unlike enlisting, the Air Force ROTC program has been established to recruit and train qualified military leaders (officers) for the Air Force. The training that you need will be delivered here at UNM aside from a month long Field Training program between your sophmore and junior year. Upon successful completion of the program you will receive your commission at which point you will go to your technical school (depending on job); afterwards, both voluntary and required deployments are available to all Active Duty service members.