"To recruit, develop, train, and commission premier Air Force officers through our tradition of excellence"

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Leadership Lab

During Leadership Laboratory (LLAB), you'll learn the basics of drill, receive briefings of necessary knowledge to the operational Air Force, and engage in activities that further enhance your followership and leadership. LLAB at Detachment 510 is done in a two hour block every Wednesday. As part of LLAB, all cadets are required to wear an issued uniform or civilian equivalent while on UNM campus.

Aerospace Classes

As you progress through your cadet life, you'll find the Aerospace Studies Courses will alter to correspond more to active duty the closer you near commisioning. These classes begin with Initial Military Knowledge then progress into combining political sciences and world studies to taylor the knowledge of current real world issues an new officer will be faced with

Physical Training

Physical Training occurs on both mornings and afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday. Cadets are required to partake in two sessions per week from the available four. These activities involve cardiovascular training along with calisthenics. A cadet Physical Fitness officer is appointed every semester and is charged with ensuring cadets are ready for their Physical Fitness Test. One or more cadre members are present at this event to ensure safety of operations.